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Egg Donation

Baby Joy has a wide array of egg donors including all races and origins like Indian, Caucasian, African, etc. Our database of egg donors are healthy, learned, young and well to do. We take utmost care and stringent checking before adding any egg donor to our database. Egg donors, who wish to be in our database need to undergo strict medical, physiological, psychological and personal screening test. All our egg donors are in compliance to the rules and norms set the ICMR regulatory authority. Egg Donation Service of Baby Joy, is provided by its sister concern WSC through its ART Bank-Genome.

Beginning from the root level, egg donation is the bio-medical procedure in which oocytes (eggs) are retrieved from a healthy normal female, with her consent. Similarly healthy sperms are collected from the husband. The collected eggs and sperms are then fertilized together. The subsequent embryo formed is then placed in the womb of the female.

Who need Egg Donation?

It is very important the different types of women, who should opt for the egg donation option:

  • Young female with disturbed ovarian response
  • Reduced/ Inactive egg quality; usually after 35 years
  • Premature menopause
  • Frequent miscarriage/ pregnancy failure
  • Previous medical record of usage of radiation or chemotherapy
  • Chromosomal defect
  • Tuberculosis & Endometriosis patients

Reasons for Disturbed Ovarian Response in Females, these days:

  • Stressed Corporate lifestyle in metro cities
  • Improper and Unhealthy dietary intake
  • Haphazard dietary practice
  • Hurried Women Syndrome (HWS) which is caused due to peer workplace and household pressure
  • Sedentary work style and over use of mobiles, laptops, computers & TV


We strictly abide to the ICMR guidelines. We maintain anonymity and the entire process of egg donation is kept confidential. We protect the privacy and identity of both the parties, to the utmost.