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Baby Joy Consultation for Surrogacy UK

Although a fair fraction of new-borns in the United Kingdom is as a result of surrogacy, 70 % of them are acquired from India’s surrogacy. Baby JoyBJ-UK, was established to attend to the continued rising population of British families that are interested in surrogate pregnancy. The consultancy was established to extend a hand to couples hat are short of fertility and are in desperate need of surrogacy. As for the few states that are against surrogacy, the consultancy seeks to come up with an environment against such.

The main focus is on the couples from England that have a keen interest in surrogacy and wish to add new members to their families through surrogacy. Homosexuals, singles, couples or trans-genders can also make use of this option. Heterosexual couples can also use this method provided they have genuine hindrances to pregnancy. Other individuals who may benefit from this option include those with structural issues and cancer treatment patients whose pregnancy options are limited or even impossible.

The following are the objectives of Baby Joy-UK

  1. Alerting the community to:
  • The lawful aspects of surrogate pregnancy within the UK and outside
  • Methods and processes involved in surrogate pregnancy
  • Matters related to law, legislature as well as moral and logistic issues
  • Latest trends of how Britons use surrogacy pregnancies at a commercial level
  • The changes necessary in Israeli policies for surrogacy to become legal there
  1. Encouraging the best surrogate methods by the prospectus couple and legal experts
  2. Using the social media as a tool to promote social awareness along with understanding through the change of perception
  3. Advising legal experts in Britain to consider international commercial surrogacy as a legal rather than a crime, as is the case today
  4. Counselling intended couples about the professional, moral and matters related to logistics
  5. Motivational and moral support provided to British families to consider surrogacy pregnancy
  6. Being a reliable store house for studying and providing updates on options of surrogacy pregnancy

If appropriate, Baby Joy-UK will also consider the option of sponsoring workshops, seminars, conferences and other programs of learning such as lectures from professional speakers.