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Why ‘BJ’

Baby Joy may be a state of the art IVF & Surrogacy Centre with the first mission to produce extremely Advanced yet Affordable Fertility Treatment. As a part of our Patient Objectives, we try to offer finish-to-finish IVF & Surrogacy solutions underneath one roof, with:

Compassion, Accountability, Transparency:

As a part of our Clinical Objectives, we try to offer High Success Rates, through COS

Customisation of fertility treatment

Optimisation of protocols & laboratory conditions

Standardization of protocols & laboratory conditions

We at Baby Joy have achieved a High bring home Baby Rate at Lowest price in India

In addition to the on top of, Baby Joy has the subsequent advantages:

We offer extremely advanced treatment through experience, technology & international practices

We have full time, in-house embryologist instead of a visiting embryologist

We are adept at carrying out blastocyst transfers

We have high success rates with Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs)

IVF Cycles are carried out separately, instead of in batches, for higher success rates

We have AN in house pathology in order that the accuracy of test results is ensured

We continually show you the IVF laboratory & OT before beginning the method. Call must not be taken while not in person seeing all facilities.

We have doctors who are specifically qualified & practiced to handle infertility & IVF. therefore don’t shy away from asking your doctor’s qualification & degrees

We have a trained team of Fertility coaches, counsellors & co-ordinators

The outcome of every stage of the method are shared with transparency with the patient, instead of simply telling them regarding the success or failure of the cycle at the top

A detailed guidance is given to every patient, with lots of patience,  as a result of it’s vital to clear all doubts & build every patient perceive the method properly

In case of failure, the patient are explained regarding the explanations & the longer term medical course of action

Why Baby Joy for Surrogacy:

We carry out comprehensive surrogacy solutions, both in India (New Delhi) & Asian nation (Kathmandu)

We have developed PSPs- Pioneering Surrogacy Protocols through our CRM software to standardize & optimize the complete method

We offer multiple tries until the time pregnancy is achieved

We have developed the packages in a very manner that the IPs don’t have to be compelled to pay substantial amount until the surrogate has formed. Even after that, the installments are taken upon productive accomplishment of necessary landmarks

In case of failure, we don’t charge the preceding installments once more

We have developed SOPs (Standard in operation procedures) for Surrogate Management

We have a 3-Tier System to speak between the IPs, doctor & surrogate

We keep all our surrogates in our own surrogate homes under our direct management with regards to remain, food, nutrition, medicines & to handle any unforeseen things

We carry out deliveries at our state of the art facilities that are totally equipped to impart prime quality antenatal& post-natal care

We have a special International table to help our clients from abroad

We have served IPs from across the world

We have an in depth expertise of over four years & many babies, in handling numerous challenges that may arise out of Surrogacy

Our legal team is adept at strictly operating as per ICMR guidelines & MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs ) notifications

We accompany you in your journey until the very finish of obtaining the Exit Visa granted

We have AN impeccable record of sending back every & each baby to their individual country

We have tie-ups for higher local co-ordination across the globe – USA, Canada, UK, Australia

We have an oversized information of potential, healthy & screened surrogates

We have an oversized information of egg donors of all origins & races – Indians, Caucasians, African & oriental

We carry out egg donor & surrogate management in-house, thereby fully circumventing the role of any touts/ middlemen who can’t solely cheat/ misguide/ overcharge customers however may also lead them into legal hassles & high failure rates.

We are metro connected

We are centrally placed in Delhi & near the embassy space, FFRO & ICMR